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The Escapist Travel Club

We have access to a network of 20,000 of the world’s most sought-after travel advisors and more than 1,800 elite travel companies, ranging from five-star hotel groups and renowned cruise lines to boutique properties and high-end adventure travel outfitters around the world. When it comes to experiencing the best in travel, it's all about connections – our travel advisors will link you to the world’s finest destinations and experiences.

Jet Set Membership

Duration: 2 days to 1 month

Our Jet Set membership is ideal for international visitors seeking uncompromising access to a stress-free lifestyle. This short-term concierge service covers everything from itinerary planning and bookings to securing access to exclusive events and tickets within your chosen region. With the benefit of in-depth local knowledge and exclusive access, you’ll enjoy the very best entertainment and experiences your destination has to offer. Jet Set membership offers VIP rates, upgrades, walk-through services, early check-in, and late checkout, all tailored to suit the discerning international traveler. Even the most connected person at home will appreciate the advantage of having an expert on the ground, helping them navigate the social landscape like a local and ensuring they are treated like one.

Full-Time Travel Membership

All year round service (cancel anytime)

Our Full-Time Travel Membership is designed for travelers who need their journeys curated to perfection, exactly how they want it. This all-year-round concierge service understands and knows your favorite spots, curates your benefits, and develops specialist contacts to give you access to all the travel perks and exclusive clubs available. Whether you need bespoke itineraries, access to private events, or exclusive accommodations, our service ensures that you and your closest ones experience the pinnacle of luxury travel at all times.

Corporate Travel Membership

Our Corporate Travel Membership extends our travel benefits across your entire business, offering an exceptional perk for your employees and partners. This membership includes all the advantages of our elite travel services, enhancing business trips with VIP treatment and personalized experiences. Contact us for more information on how this membership can add value to your corporate travel needs.